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  • Workout plans developed by our trainers that you execute on your schedule


    When it comes to helping you a create a workout plan, most gyms will suggest work with one of their personal trainers several times a week or offer the same tired generic workout they give to everyone else — if they offer anything at all! Most everyone agrees that personal training is great; but we also know that doing every workout with a personal trainer can be expensive. Driven Power offers an alternative middle ground with our custom workout plans.


    Our custom workout plans start by working with one of our qualified trainers, who will assess your goals and abilities. Our trainers then use that information to craft a monthly workout plan that is appropriate to your age, athleticism, sport(s) and aspirations. This is the exact same approach we use in Personal Training sessions, we're just handing you the formula.


    We don’t just create the plan, we show you how to execute the plan. Our process includes a training session in the gym to make sure you understand how to perform each exercise and track your results. Then its up to you to do the work. You can do your workouts at Driven, at your school, or wherever you get your sweat on. If you have questions along the way, we’re here to answer them.


    You can elect to purchase individual 1-month plans as you need them, or sign up as a monthly subscription. The subscription model keeps our trainers engaged in your progress and affords the greatest continuity in your continued athletic development through the season and the off-season. As long as you are on the subscription, our trainers will keep developing new plans for you each month.

    Please note, a Driven Power Membership (or Driven Academy Membership) is required for the custom workout plan service. If you have never done a personal training session or custom workout plan with us before, we will ask you to start by scheduling an Athlete Assessment so we can establish your athletic baseline.



    The Athlete Assessment is an objective measure of a client's current athletic abilities. The assessment is used as step 1 for many clients new to Driven Power so we can get to know the athlete --- as well as --- a repeated process to measure results.


    The Athlete Assessment starts with a consultation with a Driven Power trainer to establish your athletic history and future goals. The trainer will then take you through a small battery of standardized athletic tests, such as vertical jump and standing long jump, to measure your power, speed, agility, and flexibility.


    If you are signing up for a custom workout plan at the same time, the trainer will use this athletic baseline to build your workout program tailored to your goals --- using a variety of weight-training and bodyweight training techniques.


    If you want to see the concrete results of all your hardwork, schedule a follow-up Athlete Assessment and compare you latest results with previous assessments.

    To prepare for your assessment:
    1. Dress to workout: athletic shorts, t-shirt and shoes.
    2. Drink plenty of fluids over the 24-hour period preceding the test to ensure normal hydration prior to the testing.
    3. Avoid heavy meals, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before testing. You may have a small snack 30 minutes to 1 hour before the test.
    4. Avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity the day of the test.
    5. Get an adequate amount of sleep (6-8 hours) the night before the test.

    The custom workout we built are the same type of workouts we would create in personal training sessions.

    If there are times you need a little additional motivation, a little extra instruction and/or a little more feedback than the mirrors, consider augmenting your workout plan with some Personal Training sessions. Also consider jumping into some of our Athletic Performance classes to keep up the regiment.




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  • Check out The Driven Academy!
  • All Driven Academy memberships include complementary Driven Power membership!
  • Driven Power operates from the same address as our sister organization, The Driven Academy. The Academy provides exceptional Baseball and Softball instruction and offers a similar membership program with facility access and service discounts.

Training FAQ's

  • When are sessions scheduled?
    Sessions are scheduled at your convenience, subject to trainer availability.
  • How are sessions scheduled?
    Sessions can be scheduled online through our website or the Mindbody Mobile application - or in person at the counter or by phone 402-464-0100. You can even send an email to and we'll call you to schedule.
  • Are Driven Power trainers available for sports other than baseball and softball?
    Absolutely; softball and baseball might be our first love - but all of our trainers are highly qualified to help you succeed at whatever sport you want to pursue.
  • Do I have to do every workout at Driven?
    No; we love it when people do workout in our facility - but it is not required. We understand many of your coaches want to see you working out at your school. Thus we aim to equip you with the plan. Where you go to execute that plan is up to you.
  • Do I have to workout with a trainer at all times?
    No; Driven Academy and Driven Power members may use the weight room 24x7.
  • Can I workout while my son/daughter has a lesson?
    Yes; with a Driven Academy family membership or a Driven Power membership for the individual who wants to workout - you are welcome to use the weight room (subject to availability).

Driven FAQ's

  • Is my satisfaction guaranteed?
    Absolutely! If you do not feel your session was led by a qualified trainer who was focused on your needs; we'll refund the price of the session.
  • What guest ammenities are available?
    You are more than welcome to observer training sessions in the field house, or relax in our comfy waiting area complete with DirectTV, Free Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning / heat.
  • What are the Power Terms & Conditions?
    Individual Power Terms & Conditions 1. Payment: Customers may pay for individual sessions in advance, such as booking online, or at the time Driven renders the service. Customers may pay for all individual sessions by cash, credit, or check. 2. Valid: Individual sessions purchased in advance, are valid 1-month from purchase 3. Transferability: Non-Transferable 4. Refund: 50% refund for the unused portion, within 1-month of the original purchase 5. Reschedule Fee: $0.00 6. Early Cancellation Fee: $0.00 when cancelled more than 24-hours in advance 7. Late Cancellation Fee: 50% of the session cost; late cancellation fee waived if the session is rescheduled 8. No Show Fee: 100% of the session cost 9. Terms & Conditions are subject to change